PLA Wood Color 3D Printer Filament

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1. [Wood Like Color] This filaments can output prints with gorgeous surface of wood color and texture., which make it perfect for creation needing low-key, rich and enigmatic appearance.
2. [Easy to Print] — Easy to print just like normal PLA. Excellent threshold overhang angle. Raft and support are very easy to remove. Get smooth extrusion. Uniform winding of 3D printer filament free of getting tangle.
3. [Odorless & No Bubble] — Developed based on Natural PLA, wood like color deliver excellent printing quality with no odor and low warping during printing; Complete drying for 24 hours before vacuum packaging to effectively protect the filament from moisture, no stringing and bubble-free.
4. [Dimensional Accuracy & Consistency] Advanced CCD diameter measuring and self-adaptive control system in the manufacturing guarantee these PLA Matte filaments of 1.75 mm diameter, dimensional accuracy + / – .05 mm; 1 kg spool (2.2lbs)
5. [Recommend Temperature] Printed Temps 190-220°c. Platform Temp0-60°c. Match all 1.75 mm-specification 3d printers in the market except chipped filament cartridge.

Product Detail


PLA Wood Filament (1)

[Wood Texture]

Wood like color and texture. Suitable for woold like printing, such as decoration, furniture accessories, etc.

[Environmental Friendly]

Food grade environmental friendly material. Extracted from corn or other plants. Safe, odorless and degradable. No harm for health.

PLA Metallic Filament (3)
PLA Wood Filament (3)

[High Compatibility]

Widely used in 3D printing. Suitable for 99.99% FMD/FFF 3D printers. Easy to form and good printing effect.

[Not Easy to Break]

 Good toughness, tensile strength and liquidity. Strict quality control for each batch. 100% no bubble.  Good printing effect without warping.

PLA Metallic Filament (4)
PETG solid (4)

[High Precision of Diameter]

 Tolerance of filament diameter is controlled within ± 0.02mm. Stable and even extrusion for high printing accuracy and quality.

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  • Diameter 1.75 ± 0.2mm
    Printing Temperature 175-200℃
    Heated Bed Temperature 50-80℃
    Density 1.25 ± 0.05 g/cm3
    Heat Deflection Temperature 50-60℃
    Melt Flow Rate 5-7 g/min (190℃ 2.16kg)
    Tensile Strength ≥ 60 Mpa
    Bending Strength ≥ 70 Mpa
    Elongation at Break ≥3.0%
    N.W. 1.0 kg
    G.W. 1.3 kg
    Length ≈ 330m
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