Laser Engraving Machines

  • LaserCube LC400 Pro Max Desktop Laser Engraving Machine

    LaserCube LC400 Pro Max Desktop Laser Engraving Machine

    Touch screen operation · Offline engraving/cutting
    400x400mm Engraving Area · Unique laser height adjustment structure
    Upgraded high quality fixed-focus laser · New eye protection design
    All-metal structure, Easy assembly · Broad system compatibility
    Broad material compatibility

  • LaserCube LC400 Desktop Laser Engraving Machine

    LaserCube LC400 Desktop Laser Engraving Machine

    The LaserCube LC400 series, including three models, LC400, LC400S, LC400 Pro, are Tronhoo newly released desktop consumer laser engraving machines with a 400x400mm engraving area. All three models adopt unique laser height adjustment structure for easy height regulation.

    The laser heads of this series equip with laser shielding sleeve to protect creators eyes against injury. The series equip high quality fixed-focus laser for satisfied engraving accuracy. Various engraving and cutting materials are supported for unlimited creation possibilities. As for the modular metal frames design, creators could set up the machine with ease.


     √  New Eye Protection Design

     √  400x400mm Engraving Area

     √  Unique Laser Height Adjustment Structure

     √  Intelligent Security Protection

     √  Upgraded High Quality Fixed-Focus Laser

     √  Various Engraving Materials

     √  Easy Assembly

  • LaserCube LC100 Portable Laser Engraving Machine

    LaserCube LC100 Portable Laser Engraving Machine

    Tronhoo LaserCube LC100 is a portable consumer laser engraving machine. This foldable mini model of Tronhoo laser engraving series supports Bluetooth connection & App operation for easy printing setting and wireless connection. It supports various engraving materials as wood, paper, bamboo, plastic, cloth, fruit, felt and etc. with 405nm high frequency laser with high precision and efficiency for unlimited creative possibilities. The auto shutdown under slight vibration of the engraver ensures performance reliability. It adopts foldable compact structure and supports flexible height and direction adjustment for fast start up preparation.


    √   Bluetooth Connection

    √   App Setting and Operation

    √   Foldable Compact Design

    √   Shutdown under Slight Vibration

    √   Various Engraving Materials Support

    √   Password Locking

    √   High Quality Laser