BestGee T300S Pro Desktop 3D Printer

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TronHoo BestGee T300S Pro is a high-quality desktop FDM/FFF 3D printer for consumers. It’s a practical 3D printer that aims to assist creators to create and print in a smarter, simpler and easier way. T300S Pro adopts metal-frame modular structure for operation reliability and easy setting up. It stands out with versatile characteristics as 4.3’’ color touch screen, fast heat-up printing bed, auto leveling, accurate and stable filament extrusion, large build volume, filament run-out detection and hassle-free resume from power outage. Enjoy fun and benefits of 3D printing technology with TronHoo BestGee T300S Pro FDM/FFF 3D printer.


 √ Fast Heat-up Printing Bed

 √ Auto Leveling for Better User Experience

 √ TMC2208 Motor Drive System for Effective Denoising

 √ Optoelectrical Limit Switch for Accurate Positioning

 √ Large Build Volume(300*300*400mm)

 √ Accurate and Stable Filament Extrusion

 √ Filament Run-out Detection

 √ Hassle-free Power Outage Resume

 √ Metal Frame Modular Structure for Easy Setting Up

 √ 4.3’’ Color Touch Screen

 √ Print Lighting for Close Process Observation

 √ Multi-color Indicator to Signify Different Status

 √ Easy Print Removing

Product Detail






[Large Build Volume]

300*300*400 mm large building volume, available for big ideas.

[4.3” Color Touch Screen]

4.3-inch full color high definition Capacitive touch screen. Friendly and easy to use UI with rich features.

3000s por (3)

[Ultra Low Noise]

TMC2208 motor drive system, effective denoising, printing without disturbance.

[Auto Leveling]

 Matrix auto-leveling with high precision distance sensor and dynamic leveling compensation.


[Accurate and Stable Extrusion]

Enable to pause and change filaments with different colors in mid-print so as to print multi-color models.

[Filament Run-Out Detection]

Sensitive real-time filament run-out detecting system. Auto pause printing when filament runs out.


[Power Outage Recovery]

Power outage protection and printing recovery. One-key continue printing with no break.

[Print Lighting]

LED auxiliary lighting, observe printing status more clearly at anytime.


[Multi-Color Indicator]

One glance printing status light using full color LED. Customize your own printer light color.

[Reliable and Safe]

MEAN WELL power supply, high efficiency, reliable and long life. Overall failure protection, safe to use.

3000s por (9)
3000s por (10)

[Easy Print Removing]

Remove print nice and easy with the detachable magnetic print bed. No need of a scraper.

[Optoelectrical Limit Switch]

Using optoelectrical limit switch for positioning. High sensitivity, reliable and durable.


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  • Technology FDM/FFF
    Build Volume 300*300*400mm
    Printing Precision 0.1mm
    Precision X/Y: 0.05mm, Z: 0.1mm
    Print Speed Up to 150mm/s
    Nozzle Travel Speed Up to 200mm/s
    Supported Materials PLA, ABS, PETG
    Filament Diameter 1.75mm
    Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
    Nozzle Temperature Up to 260℃
    Heated Bed Temperature Up to 100℃
    Connectivity USB, Micro SD Card
    Display 4.3” Full Color Touch Screen
    Language English / Chinese
    Printing Softwares Cura, Rapetier-Host, Simplify 3D
    Input File Formats STL, OBJ, JPG
    Output File Formats GCODE, GCO
    Support OS Windows / Mac
    Operating Input 100-120 VAC / 220-240 VAC 360W
    Product Weight 22 kg
    Product Dimensions 545*575*645 mm
    Shipping Weight 16.8 kg
    Package Dimensions 630*605*230 mm

    Q1. What’s the machine’s print size?

    A1: Length/Width/Height:300*300*400mm. 

    Q2. Does this machine support two-color printing?

    A2: It’s a single nozzle structure, so it doesn’t support two-color printing.

    Q3. What’s the printing accuracy of the machine?

    A3: The standard configuration is a 0.4mm nozzle, which can support an accuracy range of 0.1-0.4mm

    Q4. Does the machine support to use the 3mm filament?

    A4: Only supports 1.75mm diameter filaments.

    Q5. Which filaments support to print in the machine?

    A5: It supports printing the PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU and other linear filaments.

    Q6. Does the machine support to connect to a computer for printing?

    A6: It supports online and offline to print, but it is suggested to print offline that will be better.

    Q7. If the local voltage only 110V, does it support?

    A7: There are 115V and 230V gears on the power supply for adjustment, DC: 24V

    Q8. How is the power consumption of the machine?

    A8: The overall rated power of the machine is 350W, and the power consumption is lower.

    Q9. What’s the highest nozzle temperature?

    A9: 250 degrees Celsius. 

    Q10. What is the maximum temperature of the hotbed?

    A10: 100 degrees Celsius.

    Q11. Does the machine have the function of continuous power off?

    A11: Yes, it does.

    Q12. Does the machine have a material breakage detection function?

    A12: Yes, it does.

    Q13. Is there a double Z-axis screw of the machine?

    A13: No, it’s a single screw structure.

    Q14. Are there any requirements for the computer system?

    A14: Currently, it can be used in Windows XP/Vista/7/10/MAC/Linux.

    Q15. What’s the printing speed of the machine?

    A15: The best printing speed of the machine is 50-60mm/s.

    BestGee T300S Pro User Manual

    Cura 4.6 Tutorial – BestGee T300S – V1.1

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