BestGee T300S FDM/FFF 3D Printer

Short Description:

1.LARGE BUILD VOLUME: T300S come with one of the largest build volume of 300*300*400mm, it can active more of your ideas and print bigger models. Double Z axis stabilization system ensure Z direction works more stable. You don’t have to worry too much about the printer having an accident when printing out the high areas of the model.

2.SIMPLICITY: The screen is 45-degree display angle that humanized and comfortable. And the all-in-on knob control screen let the operation more simple.

3.EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Most of the parts are assembled, you just need to install the bracket to the base with the screws and connect the cables. It only takes you five minutes to get the printer up and running.

4.FLASH HEATING & RECOVER PRINTING: T300S only needs 3 minutes to let the heated bed to reach 100℃ that faster than most of the other brand of the printer at the same price. If there have any accident happen while printing and the power is cut off, don’t worry, the printers will recover your print perfectly.

5.WARRANTY AND SUPPORT: We have a professional tech and after-sale team. 12 months warranty and 24hrs technical support will be promised.

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BestGeeT300S (2)

[Large Build Volume] 

300* 300* 400 mm large build volume, available for big ideas.


[5-minute Quick Set Up]

Quick set up in only 5 minutes with 95% pre-assemble before delivery. Hidden wiring, neat and nice.

BestGeeT300S (3)
BestGeeT300S (1)

[Power Outage Recovery]

Power outage protection and printing recovery. One-key continue printing with no break.

[Easy Printing Removing]

Remove print nice and easy with the detachable magnetic print bed. No need of a scraper.

BestGeeT300S (5)
BestGeeT300S (6)

[Double Z Axis Stabilization]

Double A axis stabilization system, synchronous moving with high accuracy.

[Quick Heating Bed]

With a quick heating print bed, print is easy to stick on the heated bed and less warping.

BestGeeT300S (4)
BestGeeT300S (7)

[Easy to Use]

Humanized 45-degree display angle. All-in-on knob control, no need of extract buttons. Simplify the operation.

[Safety Protection]

Safe low voltage output and overall failure protection. Use with no worry.

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  • Technology FDM/FFF
    Build Volume 300*300*400mm
    Printing Precision 0.1mm
    Precision X/Y: 0.05mm, Z: 0.1mm
    Print Speed Up to 150mm/s
    Nozzle Travel Speed Up to 200mm/s
    Supported Materials PLA, ABS, PETG
    Filament Diameter 1.75mm
    Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
    Nozzle Temperature Up to 260℃
    Heated Bed Temperature Up to 100℃
    Connectivity USB, Micro SD Card
    Display 12864 LCD
    Language English / Chinese
    Printing Softwares Cura, Rapetier-Host, Simplify 3D
    Input File Formats STL, OBJ, JPG
    Output File Formats GCODE, GCO
    Support OS Windows / Mac
    Operating Input 100-120 VAC / 220-240 VAC 360W
    Product Weight 13.5 kg
    Product Dimensions 480*590*590mm
    Shipping Weight 15.5 kg
    Package Dimensions 695*540*260 mm

    BestGee T300S Lite User Manual

    Cura 4.6 Tutorial – BestGee T300S – V1.1

    1. What’s the machine’s print size?



    2. Does this machine support two-color printing?

    It’s a single nozzle structure, so it doesn’t support two-color printing.


    3. What’s the printing accuracy of the machine?

    The standard configuration is a 0.4mm nozzle, which can support an accuracy range of 0.1-0.4mm


    4. Does the machine support to use the 3mm filament?

    Only supports 1.75mm diameter filaments.


    5. Which filaments support to print in the machine?

    It supports printing the PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU and other linear filaments.


    6. Does the machine support to connect to a computer for printing?

    It supports online and offline to print, but it is suggested to print offline that will be better.


    7. If the local voltage only 110V, does it support?

    There are 115V and 230V gears on the power supply for adjustment, DC: 24V


    8. How is the power consumption of the machine?

    The overall rated power of the machine is 350W, and the power consumption is lower.


    9, What’s the highest nozzle temperature?

    250 degrees Celsius.


    10, What is the maximum temperature of the hotbed?

    100 degrees Celsius.


    11. Does the machine have the function of continuous power off?

    Yes, it does.


    12. Does the machine have a material breakage detection function?

    Yes, it does.


    13. Is there a double Z-axis screw of the machine?

    No, it’s a single screw structure.


    15. Are there any requirements for the computer system?

    Currently, it can be used in Windows XP/Vista/7/10/MAC/Linux.


    16, What’s the printing speed of the machine?

    The best printing speed of the machine is 50-60mm/s.

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