KinGee KG410 Professional Desktop Resin 3D Printer

Short Description:

TronHoo KinGee KG410 is a Professional Desktop resin 3D Printer. This LCD printer, adopting Vat Photopolymerization technology, is equipped with a 10.1”5K Mono LCD for longer service life and higher efficiency. The light source of this printer using the 4th generation parallel LED array ensures smaller angle, better accuracy for dependable results. It supports up to 8 times anti-aliasing and 0.025-0.1mm Layer thickness with less texture for smoother surface. Available with quiet motor drive system, easy operation with touch screen, no need of leveling, dual-axis rail structure design with reliability, large build volume, and 3 times faster printing speed, TronHoo KinGee KG410 resin 3D printer is a great option for artwork designers, teachers, and freelance creators and etc. with increased productivity and repeatable accuracy.

√  10.1 inch 5K Mono LCD

√  Full colorful touch screen

√  4th generation parallel array

√  8 times anti-aliasing

√  3 times faster printing speed

√  Easy to use, no leveling required

√  Dual-axis rails structure

√  0.025-0.1mm layer thickness

√  Quiet motor drive system

Product Detail



[Versatile 5K Mono LCD Resin 3D Printers with Upgraded Print Speed]

[5K HD Mono LCD]

4920 x 2880 HD resolution

Penetration rate of 405nm violet light is 6 times that of RGB LCD screen

This mono LCD's service life is 4 times that of RGB LCD screen 


KinGee KG406 Professional Desktop Vat Photopolymerization 3D Printer-4

[Monochrome Imaging Technology]

Printing speed: Max 50mm/h

Single-layer exposure: 1s

[3 Times Faster Printing Speed No Leveling Required]

Easier artificial leveling system, lower the printing plate to 5K screen, make the distance about 0.1mm (thickness of one A4 paper) between the plate and screen, tight the button and the leveling is completed.

KinGee KG406 Professional Desktop Vat Photopolymerization 3D Printer-5
KinGee KG406 Professional Desktop Vat Photopolymerization 3D Printer-6

[Dual-Axis Rails Structure for Better Reliability

High accurate stable balance slide rail improve the stability of Z axis.

Dual-axis rails structure for better reliability

Improve accuracy


Height of printing

[Large Build Volume Creation Without Limit]

221.4 x 129.6 x 250 mm build volume can help to print large and multiple models at the same time.

KG410 print volume
KinGee KG406 Professional Desktop Vat Photopolymerization 3D Printer-8

[Detailed Model Printing Reduce the Aliasing]

8 x Anti-aliasing function make the model more accurate and meet the high printing requirements.

[New LED Array]

Brand new matrix design, LED array brings exellent heat dissipation performance, offer uniform and bright light emission, ensuring uniform print quality across the entire build platform, work with 5K mono LCD can greatly improve the printing accuracy and speed.

KinGee KG406 Professional Desktop Vat Photopolymerization 3D Printer-9
KinGee KG406 Professional Desktop Vat Photopolymerization 3D Printer-10

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