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Precision in order to improve the speed of sending, we research, on the basis of the original indigenous tronhoo2code coding technology to send laser engraving machine data coding and decoding process, on the premise of reducing linear interference transmission speed and stability, tronhoo carving machine will have a positive response to LaserCube coding and speed faster, linear encoding carving more accurate position.

1. Independent research and development, independent design of the whole department
Tronhoo carries out research with its R&D lab. After multiple linear regression analysis and numerical analysis comparison, tronHOO develops new laser engraving machine and supporting software, and independently develops tronhoo2code coding compression and decompressing technology, so that the data transmission can be sent to the engraving machine smoothly, and your creativity can be further developed without being missed.

2. Support instant capture
LaserCude supports taking photos at any time, carving at any time, unlimited creativity, and at the same time for the stability of the processing of this series of processes, to ensure stability.We use Creativity came technology to make you shoot without blurring, and actively respond to the sensor data in your mobile phone camera’s infrared calibration anti-shake sensor, and analyze and process a series of images and choose the one with the best effect to keep, so that you will have more beautiful creativity in every operation.

3. Laser engraving writing creation
LaserCude supports multi-font processing technology, which is very important, imagine you in laser engraving, because the font is linear blurred, or is it not enough?Px pixel is used as a unit for reasonable calculation and processing of each pixel point, and difference and adjustment are used to calculate the optimal font path, while taking into account the beautiful lines of the original font, presenting a nearly perfect text creation process.

4. Stacking engraving technique
Tronhoo laser advanced design, multi-Sculp (MS), can combine multiple text patterns for layer-level laser engraving.Our in-depth study of the laser light frequency corresponding to the three dimensional relationship between power consumption and carving depth, make every layer of sculpture can achieve the corresponding effect rather than the simple superposition of single effect, make the layer 3 d effect feeling stronger, cooperate tronhoo laser engraving machine can achieve more accurate level of laser control, sense of hierarchy and the effect is more obvious.

5. Laser cutting technology
LaserCube, in conjunction with Tronhoo laser engraving, can also achieve laser cutting. Shape cutting is performed on any material within the laser cutting range, creating a new type of use and play, which is not limited to engraving.

6. Personalize your self
If you are a personalized enthusiast and enjoy various kinds of activities, you can consider using LaserCude to carve patterns and beautify the water cup, mobile phone case, etc.
!Warning: In order to protect your health, please wear appropriate protective tools or goggles before using laser engraving. Do not look directly at the laser or touch the laser with your hand during laser engraving.

Note: Do not take off the corresponding protection when the laser engraving machine is working!

Post time: Apr-02-2021