TronHoo Acquires Multiple Types of Patents for 3D Printing


TronHoo, an innovative brand of 3D printing technology, acquires multiple types of patents in design and utility model for 3D printing to its patent portfolio in the past few years. TronHoo now has 28 patents of 3D printing technology and applications that offer coverage in key global markets.

“TronHoo has excellent research and development team dedicated to exploring in the 3D printing industry and brings the market with pragmatic and affordable 3D printing solutions”, said Mr. Shou, the CEO and founder of TronHoo. “We aim to take advantage of advanced 3D printing technology to greatly free people’s restrictions on creation by using 3D printing and improve production effect, efficiency and accuracy”.

TronHoo is committed to diving deep down in 3D printing industry by distributing abundant resources for developing innovative technology and moving forward to push the limits of the industry, providing desktop consumer 3D printer solutions and high-quality 3D printing filaments. 

Post time: Oct-13-2021